Biogas Systems

Africa Biogas Company is wholesaler and service provider of biogas systems for rugged environments. Africa Biogas Company has many years experience in the field if biogas, ranging from household to industrial applications.  The biogas systems of Africa Biogas Company are characterised by their smart use of technology to simplify the process of digestion. 


Africa Biogas  Company offers several solutions to our customers. For those who want to construct a biogas system themselves, our Do It Yourself Biogas Kits are the perfect solution.  They are small, made for quick shipping and provide a great way of applying biogas in your home or other location. Please take a look in the Store for the biogas system that would suit your application. 


Africa Biogas Company specialises in tailor-made biogas systems for our customers worldwide. Rugged as the proces of biogas is, rugged solutions are now available for customers in challenging environments. Even when there is a lack of basic infrastructure, our biogas systems serve and survive. The biogas systems of Africa Biogas Company are perfectly suitable for NGO’s. If you are an NGO, please let us know so we can make you an attractive offer for biogas systems. 


Biogas systems are suitable for business, especially those who have a large quantity of natural waste. This ranges from cow manure to oil press substances as well as fruit waste of kitchen waste. If you have a business and would like to know how to convert your  “waste”  into energy for own use, please contact Africa Biogas Company. We’re happy to provide you with the best biogas system fitting your situation.

International portfolio

Africa Biogas Company has established itself as a reliable partner concerning biogas systems. We have built up an international portfolio of completed projects. The projects Africa Biogas Company has finished are currently located in Kenya, Mozambique, Cameroon, Tanzania and still expanding.

Service and support

For service and support Africa Biogas Company has local workforce available that can assist you with any problems you have. If you are interested, please contact us as we look forward to hear from you!