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Looking at problems as if they aren’t?

Dear readers,

I want to share with you the passion I have for biogas technology in African countries. A simple technology for improving lives in many countries and eliminating the problem of organic “waste”.

It has been silent for some time.This time has been beneficial as now I know what we want: sharing the knowledge and information I have about biogas systems to make things work. And not just work for 1 month, but work as long as necessary. So, this is a new point for ABC. And now we’re doing something we’re absolutely good in. Sharing, sharing, sharing. all the knowledge I have about biogas systems I am sharing for your benefit. You can do much more than you think. It is my dream that I can help you discover so. My focus area is organic “waste”. My dream? That you gain the control about your organic “waste”. I am certain you can. And you know what? Together it is possible.

“Waste” or “wasted”?

As you already see, I am having trouble with the word “waste”. During my course I had at the Wageningen University, I became aware that “..waste does not exist…”. (for the course details: I am absolutely inspired by the Cradle 2 Cradle concept. (more information on that one can be found here: )

I think it is wasted that we think

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there is waste. To me, waste is some kind of cover for a problem that we don’t want to accept. That the products that are used are so complicated that at the end of use we can’t dismantle them easier than burying or burning them. I am absolutely certain that is a wasted philosophy. This is why Cradle to Cradle is so inspiring to me. I do think of the world as a place where ‘”waste” is not there. Waste = energy. Lots of energy. The “waste” you know today contains the resources you need tomorrow. An this is exactly why ABC goes on with the biogas principle. Because it does just that. The “waste” of today is used for generation of the “resources” you need tomorrow. What is biomass today could be your source of energy tomorrow. And yes, this is also part of Biofuels. Not just grown or produced from crops, but already there.


Let me clear with you: there is absolutely a problem with waste. And also with the concepts that are invented for it. Because a concept is nice, but what is it worth when it is not put into practice?

ABC takes you with. We have solutions for organic waste that are simple, reliabe and easy to make. So easy that you can make them. And then we’re back at the start: by sharing knowledge you are benefiting from ABC.

Are you ready for the journey?