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How to build an XXL Digester (Part 65)

Hello all,

In the process of learning about Biogas, I am sure we’re at about step 65. Last week I have been very busy with assisting a Dutch installation team here in Suba, Kenya.

This team was here to install a 4000m3 anaerobic digester. Yes, 4000m3. It is a big boy. In my thesis research, this digester is the subject

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of my research.

For now, we’ve just been busy with the installation. That is why I do have some pictures. So, less talk today, but much more to see. The next weblog I’ll write something about building a digester as the ones in Mozambique, which are 700 times smaller than this huge balloon.


Inspection of the Pit and the Bag
People at work in the Biogas Pit
Shovel entering the Put
Wooden frame in the pit for measuring the walls
Building crane lifting the biogasburners
People unfolding the Digester
People turning the digester
People pulling the digester in shape
Mixer in the Digester

And now we need to fill it and start it. Maybe in three months we have some gas, but I think it can take up to 6 months…Let’s see what we can do…

Concluding: I am very happy and feel very much at home. In the evening I see hundreds of lights from the fisherman at Lake Victoria, and in daytime I have seen a chameleon, Sea-Eagle and tons of monkeys.

Sea Eagle flying aboveLake Victoria
Chameleon in Suba, Kenya

The food is brilliant here, they even serve pizza, and the accommodation absolutely fantastic. All the building equipment I am about to learn to handle. That saves me quite a lot of money, because in Holland I pay too much for that…

And yes, here a Toyota Landcruiser is what is taking me from A to B. I love it!


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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home


It has been one and a half week ago that the plane landed in Mozambique. It was night, hot and humid. The people who were picking us up, knew we were there, because the plane was of big size.

The first thing I observed was: Portugese! Oops. I can’t talk Portugese! Happily there are people around who can do a little translation. We then drove to our 1 night hotel. The next morning I woke up and walked to the beach. This was what I saw:

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